Ticketing Systems

  • Customer: Ridango
  • Year: 2007-current

Ridango, a transport ticketing systems provider operating in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine, has selected Artec Design as a hardware design provider for their ticketing solutions. Ridango has been certified by EMVCo (collectively owned by American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa) to accept bank card payments in one of their most popular ticket validator models. Artec Design has been supporting the process from the beginning by making the device compliant to EMV requirements and improving the manufacturing pipeline to comply with the payment terminal quality management standards.

For more information and sales inquiries, please contact Ridango.

Ticket Validators

Ticket validators are microcontroller-based user interface devices. All different versions of validators mount on one common mounting base that allows easy replacement. The validators are connected via CAN bus to a ticketing controller device that holds the database and performs the actual ticket validation operations.

Self-Service Validator

Train self-service smart validator SV17LE is a contactless smart card reader intended for fast ticket validation and contactless payments on-board of trains. The reader is compatible with MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire and supports EMV contactless and NFC communication. Validator also includes 2D barcode reader for reading ticket information either from printed on paper or on mobile phone screen tickets (e.g. QR, Aztec, Barcode etc.). The reader is housed in a strong aluminium case, supposed to be mounted on a wall.

Ticketing Controllers

Ticketing controllers connect to ticket validators and perform the ticketing operations. The ticketing controller is communicating with backend servers over mobile network; the ticketing data is periodically synchronized in both directions.

USB Communication Hubs

USB communication hubs are used in smaller installations to connect Android mobile devices to ticket validators and bus systems.

Ticket Inspection Device

The ticket inspection device is a rugged handheld device with NFC reader, 2D barcode scanner and ISO7816 smart card (Estonian ID-card) readers. It is running Linux OS. The device uses NFC to synchronize with bus ticket database via ticket validator on the bus.