Lecture Schedules / ePaper Signage

The University of Tartu has chosen Artec Design’s e-paper devices for room signage at the new Delta building. The university displays room schedules on the e-paper devices, which includes the room numbers, lectures as well as the names of lecturers in both Estonian and English.

The university has implemented middleware that acts as a link between their calendar system and the external API of the central management server (CMS) of the e-paper devices. The CMS makes it possible to easily monitor and configure all devices via a single Web interface, while the middleware renders images based on the schedules and uploads the contents to the e-paper devices. This solution gives freedom to universities in terms of what and how is displayed on the devices and makes it possible to base the design on their own templates.

Design Considerations

The installation is based on E Ink‘s 13.3″ e-paper displays, which are large enough to convey all information for the day. The displays have a natural tone and sleek design, therefore, reducing visual noise in the environment. The devices feature a scratch resistant tempered glass front cover with anti-glare coating, which gives the device a premium look as well as the required durability for public spaces. The devices have thin bezels that are coated black, as this matches the design language of traditional signage methods used at the Delta building.

All of this gives the devices a minimalist yet modern look that blends into the interior design of the building.

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