Multilingual Exhibitions / ePaper Signage

The Estonian National Museum in Tartu has chosen e-paper displays for it’s multilingual museum signage, which provides information about the exhibits as well as the Estonian history and culture in several languages. The museum uses the e-paper digital signage platform developed and installed by Artec Design, making it possible to provide personalized information to the visitors, hence increasing engagement and improving the visitor experience.

Visitors will receive a ticket that contains an RFID chip (ISO15693/NFC-5). The ticket is used to enter the exhibition via the turnstile and to read information from the e-paper devices in their preferred language, whether it is Estonian, English, Finnish, Latvian, German or French. All of this becomes available to the visitors by a simple action – presenting the ticket to the turnstile or an e-paper device.

Design Considerations

The installation features 6.8″, 9.7″ and 32″ E Ink displays, which blend into the surroundings with its natural tone and sleek design, therefore, reducing visual noise and keeping the attention of the visitors on the exhibits. The low power consumption, wired data connections and batteryless installation of the devices ensure that the EMC and heat dissipation are kept at a minimum, which is crucial to the preservation of the exhibits.

The museum features more than 6000 square meters of exhibition space with more than 850 e-paper displays installed, therefore, power over Ethernet (PoE) was chosen for both data and power instead of using wireless communication or batteries. This was a crucial design consideration, as this made it possible to increase the reliability of the system while keeping the required maintenance at a minimum – both of which are critical for a large installation.

Furthermore, the installation includes a central management server (CMS), which makes it possible to easily monitor and configure all 850+ displays via a single Web interface.

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